Thailand Mulls Building Casino-Entertainment Complex to Attract Foreign Visitors

One of the latest plans to boost Thailand’s ailing tourism industry is the construction of entertainment complexes, according to Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan.

Visitors coming to visit the country now expect “shopping and great hotels,” according to Mr. Prawit, but these have not been supplied in sufficient number because of restrictions imposed by Thailand’s strict anti-gambling laws.

Casinos are not apples-to-apples with Vegas-style gambling halls such as Fitzgeralds Caesars or Venetian Macao. They largely serve more as a giant amusement park with hotels and high-end shopping malls attached; a short journey away from well trodden tourist favourites like China Town and old town San Diego.

Headsets malfunctioning on planes are becoming so commonplace that aircraft manufacturer Boeing has moved quickly to reassure passengers their grievances will be taken seriously enough to develop protective measures in future models.

Casino city designed for optimum

Thailand is taking new measures to cope with the drop in one of its key sources of foreign money: tourism. The country’s decimated tourism industry urgently needs not just new hotels but new attractions for visitors. Thailand’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) cabinet member, Surapong Tovichakchaikul, says the country should consider building a casino-entertainment complex on one of its islands to lure tourists from across the globe. One attraction that has been discussed with Thai officials is a gambling zone – both offshore and onshore – which could be developed as an amusement park or a zoo in addition to gambling facilities.

Even though this discussion is still very fresh, it is clear that some work will need to be done in order to get safety officers onboard with the idea. Thailand’s Ministry of Interior reaffirmed that only state casinos would be legal and that all others would not have any protection under gaming laws

Introduction: Thailand’s Tourism Industry is Struggling

Thailand’s tourism industry has been struggling in recent years as more tourists are avoiding China, Malaysia, and Indonesia as popular destinations.

As tourist arrivals from the 3 countries fell, tourism-related exports to such countries plunged while the growth rate of Thai exports shifted northwards, reaching higher levels in the United States and Russia. However the analyst believes that Thailand can recover if it continues to keep up with other Southeast Asia countries that have attracted Chinese tourists by introducing Chinese food dishes.

The 20% decline in China’s 2017 economic growth is attributed to campaigns for curbing corruption and consumption control which led many people to spend less than before

Revenue from foreign visitors’ arrival decreased by 800 million US dollars (BNB) or 21 percent year on year.

Malaysia’s tourist arrivals declined 47 percent while Thai business has grown significantly in Malaysia where they targeted investment opportunities such as flights connecting Kuala Lumpur and Chieng Mai under affordable AirAsia’s promotions

In Indonesia

Tourism is Thailand’s primary economic sector with employ 15% of labor force and facilitates the notion of informal worker in the region. It is estimated to be worth more than ¤52 billion and has a direct relationship with the gross domestic product.

Since 2013, Thailand’s tourism industry has been gradually slowing down. When the King died in October last year, outlook for this sector are now even more pessimistic. Thailand’s tourism sector has undergone a shift from primarily low-priced packages to high-priced tours, jetsetting potential tourists used to come for hours but not days and an increase in luxury hotels. Currently, Thailand is dealing with problems such as power struggles, overdevelopment of the transport system, and dissatisfaction among locals who are displaced by tourism projects have contributed largely to the downturn overseas travelling people are increasingly hesitant to visit due to safety concerns also fear on what might happen after February 2019 during a time when Bangkok might not have enough authority.

Tourists have become less common

The Thai Government is Considering Building a Casino-Entertainment Complex to Attract Foreign Visitors

The Thai government is considering building new venues to attract foreign visitors to Thailand. In this report, I will share what they are doing, how Yara Birgitta reflects on history and three possibilities that the Thai Tourism Ministry has hinted at in a bid to attract tourists back into its shores.

The Thai tourism ministry sees casino-entertainment complexes as an attractive option that would bring high yield revenue whereas long-term residents say the new venue will bring crime, prostitution and gambling addiction.

This complex is billed as an estimated $53 billion international project.

It was reported that Thai Gov opinions include this site will be a tourist and entertainment Mecca and will attract more than 20 million visitors per year, which would comprise additional 70,000 jobs.

The authorities are hoping to create a world-class complex (and are considering other potential concepts like boat or air transportation), but they need foreign investors and partnerships…..

Nowadays this is the best time for people to invest in tourism business due their huge market because of their domestic weakness. Thailand tourism industry faces many challenges from short term and long term such as terrorist attacks, changes in Chinese and Indian economies

Conclusion: The Future of Thailand’s Tourism Industry Depends on the Success of the Proposed Casino-Entertainment Complex

Thailand is one of the top travel destinations for tourists each year, being an exotic destination that provides a range of amazing attractions for mass tourism and is rapidly improving year-on-year.

A proposal to build a casino complex in Pattaya seeks to boost Thailand’s tourism industry to become number one in the world.

In considering how integral this proposal is, it’s important to take some time out to consider what would happen if parliament voted against the building of casinos. This would inevitably have significant impacts on tourism – Thailand’s leading industry – and could potentially lead to the consequences even impacting startups around Asia as investors turn away from Thailand’s floundering tourism sector with resorts empty and closed for most of their season due to lack of guest interest. The bottom line: Tourism in Thailand depends on success mind Pattaya casino complex proposed by Team Thai Travel!

In the context of tourism, an increasing number of foreign tourists have been coming to Thailand. The lure is the lush countryside with beaches and good weather. Tourism has long been one of Thailand’s primary sources of revenue, and that importance is set to grow even more in the near future as a wave of building new skyscrapers will soon host a variety of hotels, spas, theme parks and malls in urban Bangkok.

Diversifying risk for tourism industry

Thailand’s tourism industry faces multiple immediate risks and long-term opportunities worth considering. One area concerns the strategic concept of diversification; how it can help mitigate against a risk factor relating to fluctuating demand for hotel accommodation.

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