Even if you are not a real car enthusiast you more than likely know all about the buzz going on about electric cars. Today a lot of automakers are slowly joining the Eco-friendly efforts that has become worldwide. If you don’t know much about these kind of cars here are a few things everyone should know about them whether they plan on buying one or not.

The first thing to know is how electric cars run. They use an all electric motor instead of your standard gas engine. This eliminates the need for gasoline of course. Then the other two main parts of this type of vehicle is the controller and the rechargeable batteries. These are the three parts that power the car. To date the most currently produced electric cars can reach speeds up to around 90mph. They are also 100% emissions free which makes them 97% cleaner than all other standard vehicles on the road and they are also around three times more efficient.

The most common battery that is used in electric cars would be lithium-ion. This is the kind of batter that should last for around five years or 100,000 miles of driving, but the technology for these types of batteries is continually improving. Right now it is important to know that one lithium-ion battery pack can cost you up to $10,000 but experts in the industry say this price should decrease immensely within the next five to ten years.

You can charge an electric car by plugging it into your standard 120 volt or 240 volt outlet. If it’s a DC motor it will run from 96 to 192 volts and an AC motor will run on the 240 volts. AC seems to be leaning towards becoming the electric car standard.

For the battery to charge completely the cycle can take anywhere from four to ten hours and it is best to do it at night when the car isn’t needed. One of these charges will let the car have enough power to run for over a 100 miles and the cost to charge up an electric car is about two to five cents per mile.

Even though electric cars have been found a little difficult to find in the recent past they are becoming a lot easier in today’s market and at the same time the price of these cars have also decreased a lot in recent years. They even offer electric car conversion kits that are beginning to become popular. These are kits that can turn a standard car into a plug in car for about $7,500, which is a lot less than a new electric car that starts around $25,000 new.

Final Note: Technology on electric cars still need to improve but with as fast as the current research is going on things like fuel cells, experts believe that the near future will see much better battery efficiency. Even though this can be a problem now, the cars still can save a driver a lot of money over time since there are no oil changes, no emission checks and no gas to buy.