Colleges and professional sports teams are always on the look out for new talent and one of the most effective ways that they find this talent is through the help of sports scouts. Because the sports scout is so important there is often times a lot of money out there for someone who is really good at evaluating talent. If this is something that you might like to do, below you will find out how you can get yourself into the business.

You are going to prepare a scouting resume to begin with. This is going to have to include all of your own playing time, any coaching you’ve done and any evaluating experience you might already have had. You will also need to include typical resume information as well, such as other work experience that you’ve had and your education.

You then will need to go around and start contacting several colleges or professional teams that you might be interested in scouting for. Most scouting positions are never publicized or advertised opening, you will need to get to the inside in order to learn about any current needs of teams. No matter how good your evaluation skills might be, understand that if a team is extremely happy with the scouts they already have, they will hardly ever make any really major changes unless there is an immediate need. So this could be tough.

You should also get in touch with some local or regional scouts. Try calling them or sending them emails and try to start up some kind of communications link with any area professional scouts there might be. They are generally a lot more approachable than the actual athletic departments or professional teams are. They also usually know if there are any current needs of their employers.

You might want to consider offering your scouting skills as a volunteer at first. There have been a lot of successful professional scouts that started out in just that fashion. Of course you will get absolutely no compensation in the beginning but if you prove to the team that you are worth it, it will be no time that they will probably start compensating you for your efforts.

You will need to work extremely hard and be even more patient. Trying to become a professional scout is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Understand that most colleges and professional teams are somewhat to very conservative and deliberate when they stop to consider hiring scouts. They have to have a lot of confidence in the evaluations that they receive. The reason is because it’s imperative for the schools and professional teams to minimize their risks of signing the wrong players.

Make sure that you let local scouts, teams and schools know that you wish to at least a candidate for the next opening that might become available. Avoid becoming an independent contractor because that rarely builds a good relationship with the employer, you would rather be directly employed by them. If you have very good and clear evaluations and they are concise and valuable then you more than likely will be rewarded with employment that could even be full time in the end.