If you and your family and friends are really into sports and you have room for it, you might want to create your very own sports bar by designating one room in your house to serve as your very own personal sports bar. You can make yourself a very comfortable place where your friends will be begging to come over and watch the game. It’s also a lot safer place than everyone going out and drinking during the game in a bar and you won’t have to worry about a designated driver, just have people stay if things get to be a little bit too much.

The first thing you might want to do is to either build or set up a bar in a corner of your room. This should include the bar area, a refrigerator, like a mini fridge that you can keep some water, soda and beer in to keep them cold. Make sure you have plenty ice on hand and you can do that easily with a good sized ice chest.

Consider sprucing up the floor by going out and buying a sports themed throw rug. If your favorite sport might be football you could go out and buy a rug that looks like a football field. Have a couple of different throw rugs if you switch sports during the year. Then you can switch rugs to fit the sport you and your friends are focused on at that time.

You should consider having at least one reasonably large TV as the main TV in the room and then if you can afford it you might want to add a couple of smaller ones in different parts of the room. This way you will ensure that all of your friends will be able to see the action from wherever they might be sitting in the room. This will also allow you to play more than one game if you have access to more than one game.

You will need to include some bar stools at your bar and make sure that you have a sofa and a couple of other chairs throughout the room, making sure they are positioned in clear view of the TVs you have around the room. You should also make sure that all the seats are provided with some sort of table where they can put their drinks and food.

Make sure that you have some sort of mirror hung up behind the bar. It makes the bar look bigger and it also makes it look like you have a lot more supplies and look more like a legitimate bar. You also are going to want to have different serving bowls and coasters on your bar and tables and keep the serving bowls filled with chips, pretzels and other finger snacks.

You can also hang up posters and other things that represent all of your favorite teams that you and your friends enjoy to give it more of a sports bar appearance. If you have room you might want to include a poker table, air hockey game, some darts or pool table if your room is big enough.