No matter how good a refrigeration unit is, eventually they will need to be replaced by a new one and this means the old ones are usually thrown out to the curb. However, you don’t always have to throw them away, instead consider taking that old refrigerator and using it for something else around the house. By doing this you will be getting extra storage and you are helping the environment.

If you need extra storage say for pantry goods, especially if you have a big family, your old refrigerator can really serve a useful purpose here. You can take and store all your extra pantry items in it. You can take the shelving and adjust them to wherever you want and then take different pantry items that you need stored and put them in your old unit.

If you happen to be a gardener, your old refrigerator can really come in handy here. You know how often places that you store you garden supplies can get messy, the dirt can spill all over or dry out, spider webs gather all over your pots and even the pots can get broken easily. But if you put all your most commonly used garden supplies in your old refrigerator nothing will get damaged or broken and it will protect your items from the elements, insects and animals.

If you happen to live somewhere there are animals that constantly get into your garbage like raccoons for example, consider using the old unit to put your garbage in. Put the fridge in your yard some place where it is out of the way and use it to store all of your garbage bags in. Just make sure that the bags are tightly tied before doing so. It is a lot harder for a raccoon to get into a fridge than a trash can.

Instead of any extra beverages taking up room in your good refrigerator, why not use the old one for storing your beverages in. This means you are freeing up room in both your good refrigerator and your pantry for the different beverages you might want to always have on hand.

Finally, you might consider it to use to store your laundry items in. Make sure you lay the unit on it’s back and the use the shelves to make three even sections in it. Take out the drawers so you have more room. The different sections you create can be used to sort you dirty laundry and the spaces where the drawers once were can be used to store your detergent and fabric softener.