For many years now there have been several nations around the globe that have poured billions of dollars, talent and energy into what is known as the space race and space technology. These programs not only have opened up frontiers out in space but they have also helped to move technology ahead for things that have given the people on earth benefits to enjoy. NASA has cataloged how their technology has made life better for all people.

Inside of our homes, especially ones that a newer you are going to find a variety of different things created from the technology that was created by the space program. For example back in the 1970’s it was Honeywell that came up with a smoke detector for Skylab. Today, this same device is a requirement in all new homes and are usually required in all rentals as well. Cordless power tools were first consigned for NASA by Black and Decker and are now currently selling around $400 million dollars worth of these kinds of tools to the general public every year. Another technology first used with the Apollo program was satellite TV, now common place in a lot of homes.

NASA has lead the way when it comes to virtual reality research as well. This has helped scientists on earth to perform tasks virtually off the planet by never leaving earth. This kind of research can combine sound and three dimensional graphics together and was began in the mid 80’s and continues to be improved upon by NASA to this very day.

NASA has done a lot in their jet propulsion labs by their research and application of laser technology. They have shared this technology not only with the scientific world but also with the medical world to help advance many medical techniques.

They have also since the mid 60’s, led the way in many different global communication ventures. They have led the way in satellite technology in areas like geosynchronous orbit, stabilization, digital computers, solid state and high powered transmitters which all have been incorporated in a variety of different devices used by commercial organizations and the general public.

One of the major areas that have truly benefited from space technology would be the medical world and it’s technology. Some of the many contributions are listed below:

  • Laser heart surgery
  • Assistance with searching for cancer cures
  • Body imagery
  • Prosthetic limbs
  • Infrared thermometers
  • Light emitting diodes
  • Composite forceps
  • Pill sized transmitters
  • Chromosome analysis
  • Digital mammography
  • Cameras on microchips for use during surgery

Space technology has also helped the farmers at home. A lot of different technologies that have been needed for spacecraft or to even feed the astronauts have been applied on farms. For instance hydroponics would be one major technology that has it’s grass roots with space exploration.

You can also thank NASA for protecting you while on a commercial flight, it’s their technology that now provide planes with lightning protections, collision avoidance technology and wind shear prediction. And let’s not forget sports, the next time you go to a stadium to watch your favorite sport, you can thank NASA for those fiberglass roofs, they are made from the same material they used to design moon suits.