There are a lot of small businesses out there that gives plenty of opportunities for anyone who might be considering becoming a small business coach. As a small business coach a person has the opportunity to help small business owners to survive and even thrive in a competitive world and to also be profitable in the process. There is however, a lot to learn about business and marketing in order to become a business coach.

If you are considering becoming a small business coach you will need to take and complete a variety of small business and professional development courses in college. You can find these types of courses at your local community college or you can do it online through a small business education program. Some that exist in the US are Coaching Academy of North America, the JWC Group and the North Carolina State University. These programs will teach you how you can help a small business and individuals create more effective plans for their success.

You will also need to continue learning about the different topics that are related to the needs of small businesses. You will need to learn all the different tools that all small businesses can use in order to make a more profitable venture like online marketing and customer relationship management. You will also want to learn about these business tools and resources yourself so you can be prepared to offer suggestions for practical solutions when discussing different issues with your clients. Besides, it will also make you a lot more credible.

Figure out what kind of services that you are going to want to offer small business owners. You need to know how much you want to get paid and whether it is going to be an hourly rate or just a flat fee for the services that you offer. You can also have different levels of coaching. This will depend on just how much assistance a small business owner and his employees might need and then set prices and fees according to the different levels of service that you offer.

You are also going to want to set up a legitimate business coach operation. You will need to have a business name, what kind of a structure you want to use like LLC or Limited Liability Corporation and then register with the proper agencies and pay all fees that might be associated with the registration of your business.

You should also consider making your own marketing materials. You will also need to make business cards or have them made with your business name, you name, contact information and maybe a tag line that says what you do for small businesses. Create some brochures outlining the benefits of hiring a business coach as well and give these out to prospective clients. You will also want to set up your own website so that small business owners can go to it and see what it is you are all about and to read about the different services that you offer.