There are many aspects when it comes to a visa lawyer, also known as an immigration lawyer. If you are considering becoming one you will need to learn all about immigration law, have to deal with issues like helping a person get citizenship, deal with people in business law, criminal law, employment law and sometimes even deal with human rights and be their advocate. A visa lawyer or immigration lawyer will also work trying to get visas for big corporations or helping immigrants with personal injury suits. This type of lawyer can work in either a small or large practice.

In order to become a visa lawyer you will of course need to attend law school and along with that you will need to have the ability to communicate extremely well with others from all over the world. A lot of people that you will eventually be working with on a daily basis are will not be able to speak English or whatever language you may speak or they may just have a small grasp on the language of your country. So, this means you will need to be able to communicate, be patient and compassionate.

While in law school you will need to take a course or several courses in immigration law at the school you are attending. You can also talk to your adviser about the course or courses that might be available elsewhere if not available at your school and then take the courses there and then have them transferred back to your school of choice. You can also attend yearly seminars on immigration laws often offered by the Bar Association.

While you are still in law school it is a really good idea for you to consider finding an internship with a lawyer or law firm that specializes in immigration laws so that you can get some first hand experience before you graduate from law school and take your bar exam. You also might want to consider taking some time out to work with immigrants at a law clinic or another place that offers programs for immigrants to get legal help. You can check with your school adviser to get more information on programs such as this.

Once you have graduated you might want to try and secure a government job that deals with immigrants, Homeland Security is one to take into consideration since they deal with immigrants on a daily basis. You can get a lot of hands on experience by working in a office with this government department as well as the Immigration Office before considering going out on your own as a visa lawyer.

If you are getting your law degree in the United States you can contact the American Bar Association and ask about their committees that work just with immigration law and often allow students and new graduates memberships so that they can be kept up on what’s going on with immigration.