If you are a bride you know how important it is to have friends supporting you such as your bridesmaids. You also probably know just how expensive it can be and the last thing you want is for your own friends to feel stressed over buying an expensive dress for your wedding they may never wear again. Even though it is an honor for a person to be asked to take part in one of the most important days of someones life, the celebration might be marred if the bridesmaid can’t afford the dress. However, you can find cheap dresses for bridesmaids without them looking cheap.

What is important is to make sure that you pick a color for the cheap dresses that is widely available. You need to take into consideration the time of year because some colors are more available during certain seasons. For example, if the wedding is going to be in December then red and green are more than likely going to be the most available color and less expensive than colors that might be more associated with spring and summer. One thing you should try to avoid is something that has to be specially ordered, this will definitely cost much more.

It is also a good idea when looking for cheap dresses that you look into simple designs. A dress with very few details and has a simple shape is going to be a lot less costly than one that is more elaborate. You should look for styles that have less parts and are more standard in shape like an A-line or a drop waist style.

When you decide on a type of dress it is important to buy all the dresses in the same store. When you find the right dress the bridesmaids should be informed and told to buy their dresses at the store you found. This way the dresses will all be a like and all will pay the same price.

Another way to find cheap dresses is to consider buying them online. Often online retailers have sections for bridesmaids dresses in all kinds of fabrics and colors. They also can be a lot less expensive if you buy them online and not in a bridal salon. Just look at the site completely and make sure that they are a legitimate business. The site should give all available sizes, what they are made of, the length and the exact colors available. If you have questions make sure to contact the company.

Finally, you could consider buying the dresses at thrift stores or stores that sell clothing on consignment. There are some thrift stores that get merchandise from high end stores that donate items that did not sell because by donating these items they receive tax deductions.