If you are concerned about how your money is being invested you may want to learn how to practice ethical or socially responsible stock market investing. This could include investing in companies that don’t harm people or our environment as well as companies that produce products or offer services that actually help other people.

If you are trying to find ethical companies like this you should get some written reports about your investments and where they go, this is especially true if you have a mutual or retirement fund. You should be able to get copies of the prospectus to see what their policies are. Make sure to ask for the details from your financial adviser if you have one. If you are really concerned make sure to even get these details from funds that are labeled as ethical or green.

Make sure you do a lot of your own research on companies you invest in. There are some companies that you know without much investigation that they are not what you might consider as ethical like weapons companies, tobacco companies for example while there are others that you will find harder to spot the issues on the surface.

Make sure to closely evaluate the different services and products that a company has to offer. This way you can avoid any company that you think might deal in illegal or unethical types of activities, this even means if the company does some sort of charitable or community service or donates to different worthy causes. Doing this does not mean they are ethical companies.

Make sure to keep up to date on different companies and read the Multinational Monitor on a regular basis to discover companies that are discovered to be engaging in unethical activities. Then you should make a list of all the companies that you do not want to invest in and this should be given to your financial adviser for future reference and investing.

Make sure to always look for companies that offer different products or services that outwardly show a lot of support for environmental issues, ones that try to promote good health or try to outwardly help others in a variety of different ways.

To find a list of ethical investments that you might be interested in investing some of your money in you might want to check out www.ethicalinvesting.com or www.sensible-investment.com. Both of these sites might help you make some of your investing decisions with the information that they have to offer.

Final Note: Remember it’s a lot wiser to take time out to study and research the companies before you go and put money into something that may end up disappointing you and goes against everything that you personally believe in.