If you own or run a dealership that sells used cars then it is important to you that you are able to increase your car sales. There are ways in which you can increase your sales as well as raise your profits at the same time. One thing to always remember is that generally used car salespeople are often considered to be dishonest and have poor business practices so it is important that all tactics used are respectful tactics and not just mere gimmicks.

One of the first things you should consider when wanting to increase your car sales is to list lower prices. This may seem like an obvious thing to do to bring in more people to buy there are also some other benefits as well. For example if you advertise a car at a lower price and then your dealership also offers financing you then might be able to convince the buyer to also purchase a service contract or even an extended warranty for the car, this will definitely increase your profit margin.

Also consider thinking about making car sales online through online auctions. A really popular spot online to do this at would be eBay Motors. There are both private owners and dealerships that use this service and with good success. Make sure that if you go this route that you consider what your return policy and shipping arrangements are going to be because you will more than likely get buyers that are not located in your area of business.

If you feature your cars online on places such as Cars.com or AutoTrader.com you want to make sure that you put in as many pictures of your inventory as you can. Even though four or five pictures might be enough to draw interest it is best if you take dozens of pictures of each vehicle in order to increase your chances of increasing your car sales. People want to be able to see as much of a car they are interested as they possibly can. Often a person might be willing to pay more for the car if they have a really good idea of what it looks like and all its features.

Consider offering buyers a guaranteed trade allowance. Some people who are shopping for a good used car may have an older car that they want to get rid of at the same time they are purchasing a used car. If a dealership were to offer a guaranteed trade allowance of say $2,000 for example they are going to get more people willing to purchases from that dealership. Even if the trade-in isn’t worth it, the price can be inflated later for re-sale.

Think about having some sort of event at your dealership. Have a liquidation sale or a repo car sale, sales will often bring in buyers to the lot. Just make sure there is plenty of staff on hand to handle any kind of increased traffic to your lot. Even though not all who come will end up being buyers this kind of thing will at least increase your prospect list.

Take your current customer list and send out some direct mailings to them. This might be expensive but it is one way to increase the awareness of your dealership to customers that you have served in the past. The mailing can focus on low monthly payments, the size of your dealerships inventory or if you have featured cars or trucks that you are wanting to try and move.