If you own a business that relies on refrigeration such as a walk-in cooler, you know that this is a very important investment for your business. Because of this, you really need to make sure that it is taken care of in a manner that it will ensure that it will give you a lot of years of service. So you need to know how to keep it working efficiently.

Always make sure that you keep the door of the cooler closed when it is not being used. You should never prop it open for long periods of time.

Make sure that you clean both the evaporator and the condensing coil twice a year. You will find these on the outside of the unit. Actually the coils really would do best if they are cleaned even more than two times a year. You also want to make sure the fan motors are running at their best and you can make sure they are by cleaning the blades to reduce the drag.

On the outside of the condensing units you need to make sure that it always has good airflow so don’t allow trash or weeds to accumulate around the walk-in on the outside and also make sure that nothing is stacked around the coil that would restrict it’s airflow.

Every once and a while call in a service technician to do a good check on the unit and all the electrical connection to make sure that everything is working properly and that all the wires are nice and tight. Loose wires can cause higher electrical usage using more energy.

Always check for any damage or decay in the insulation where the suction lines are between the condensing unit and the evaporator coil. Replace it if you find damage.

You also should make sure that the hinges are lubricated at least once a year so that the door is closing properly unless you have hinges that have self-lubricating nylon cams.

Check all the lights in the walk-in and make sure they are all off when you leave the walk-in. If you leave the lights on they are going to produce heat and this is going to cause the unit to drop from it’s optimal temperature.

Make sure to periodically check the gaskets that are between the panels of the door to make sure there are no cracks or weathering. If you find some then you need to get them repaired or simply replaced. Damaged gaskets on the doors means the walk-in is not being sealed properly and food could be spoiling quicker.