Including some karaoke at a party even an office party can be pretty fun. If you happen to be planning a fun office party that is going to include karaoke then it’s important that you pick songs that are going to help to promote camaraderie and some good times with fellow co-workers. Your best bet will probably be to pick songs from popular music and ones that most people are going to know. Below are some tips on how to have a successful karaoke office party.

You can make a guess to what kind of music your co-workers probably like, more than likely music from their teens and twenties but you might also want to go around and ask them what their favorite music is. If you happen to have a large office you will want to try and poll a smaller group of 10 or 20 employees. If they don’t know what kind of music it falls into then simply ask them to name say, three of their favorite songs or bands. This will make it easier for you to figure out songs to pick for the karaoke music later.

It’s important that you try and consider everyone in your office. If you have music you think all your co-workers are going to like, then they are more than likely be a little more willing to sing along with the music that you pick out.

If you don’t want to control the music yourself, you might want to get permission from your employer to hire a karaoke DJ. If you are given the OK then you will need to interview them to find the right one. Make sure that you bring with you a list of different bands, songs and genres to the DJ to see if they can fulfill your criteria.

You might also want to ask the DJ what songs are popular at other parties they have worked at. Any good DJ should be able to give you some good suggestions. Before you meeting is over with the DJ ask for them to give you a list of songs that could be potential music to be played. If you like what they come up with and they seem to what you are looking for, you can go ahead and hire them for the party.

Once you have a DJ, you should take the list of songs that the DJ has come up with and show this list to your co-workers. Seeing the list from the DJ might get more employees to come up with some more ideas you can take back to the DJ. One thing both you and the DJ must do when going over the list of songs is to remove any songs that have some distasteful language because these songs might be considered inappropriate for an office party.

Try to avoid songs that can only be sang by really good singers. You need to have songs that are easy to sing and won’t embarrass a co-worker when they try to go up and sing the song. There are just some songs that simply can only be sung by the professional who sang it.

Make sure to try and stay away from any kind of songs that require duets. This will require that both people know the words at the same time and both parts and this more than likely is not going to happen because it’s rare that any two people who have never sung together before are going to be able to do a duet well at all.