Science has always been important to man and as we continue to advance it seems that it is becoming even more important. Some of the most important ones that we should guide our children to should be training in engineering, technology, space technology and math. For some kids though science can be a little tough so sometimes it helps if children are given games to play that deal with science rather than handing them a text book and tell them to learn it.

NASA has a site called NASA Space Place and this has a great and large collection of different games and animations all about the earth, space and space technology. The facts they provide the children as well as the animations should always be used before the child starts playing the different games, because this will give kids the background information they should have before playing. One game they offer is called Load the Shuttle. This is a game where kids have to consider as well as plan what kind of equipment they need to pack into a space shuttle. The big problem is, is that they can only bring what is considered essential equipment with them on the mission. If they load the shuttle with too much stuff they won’t be able to complete their mission. They also are forced to use different solutions to solve the problems.

There are also games that will help kids learn about energy and water. The website Energy Kids gives kids a lot of information about energy in the form of different games, quizzes and riddles. This information is accessible for kids of all ages. There is one game called The International Aid Organization Water Aid and it teaches kids about sanitation and water. Then there is the game called Pani the Hand Pump and this is where kids can choose what country they want to go visit out of Ethiopia, Nepal and Ghana. The aim here is for the kids to solve their water problems in the villages of these countries. Every time a child’s solution is wrong they lose a bucket of water. To win the game the child has to have at least one bucket of water left at the end.

There’s a British website called Crickweb and it has games as well as activities for elementary kids. The games will group different animals together and will examine both human and animal skeletons. The National Geographic Kid website has a ton of games covering different topics that include space, animal and recycling games.

For older children there is a site called Nobel Prize Organization and it offers games as well as simulations. This site is based on Nobel Prize awards. These games give good background information on things like chemistry, physics and medicine. One game is called Diabetic Dog and a child is asked to take care of a diabetic dog and in the process they learn how to treat diabetes.