One really popular kind of sports memorabilia would be that of the sports jersey. These are generally worn by fans during games but they also can be used to decorate a room that has a sports theme. Hanging a jersey in a frame is a great way to preserve your jersey, especially if it’s one that you happen to have gotten signed by the player that wears that particular number. It’s a great way to show that off and to show everyone what team you are supporting. Jerseys are very expensive and also have a lot of sentimental value so it is really important that you know how to frame them correctly so you don’t damage it while framing it.

The first thing you are going to need to do is to measure the height and width of your jersey. Your shadow box frame is going to need to extend out at least two inches beyond both the height and width of the jersey itself. If you are considering having the sleeves showing in the frame you will need ot make sure that you measure the width with the sleeves being extended out.

Next step is to take the jersey and iron it by following the directions on the tag of the jersey. You might want to spray it with a light spray starch while you are ironing it so that it will hold its flat and wrinkle free form.

Now take your ironed jersey and lay the front side up on some velvet or some foam backing board that came with your shadow box frame. This is the best kind of frame to use for this kind of a project. You really don’t want to use any other kind of frame for framing your jersey.

You should take the collar or neckline and make sure that you carefully take a pin and insert it just beneath the neckline or collar through the back of your jersey and into your backing board or velvet. Now take a pin and place it in the each of each of the shoulders making sure to go through the back of the shirt from the inside and into the backing board. You should pin from the inside so that the pins don’t shown when you are finished framing the jersey.

Take the front of the bottom of the jersey and lift if up and pin one of the back bottom corners to your backing board. Do the exact same thing with the other corner on the jersey. Repeat this so that there will be 2 pins that are securely holding the bottom of your jersey to the bottom half of the backing board.

If you are displaying the sleeves then you will need to place one pin inside the cuff of each of the sleeves and then attach the pin to your backing board. If you don’t want the sleeves to show then just pin them behind the jersey to the backing board.

Once you are done with all of this you just snap your backing board into your frame and you are ready to hang your jersey on the wall for everyone to see.