The eternal sentence of “I love you” is probably the most popular three word sentence in the English language. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the very first time someone said it or they’ve said it a 1,000 times, saying these three little words is a very special and very meaningful thing to do for most people. There might be some time though that you might want to make these three little words even more special and more significant than norm. It could be for an anniversary, a birthday, on Valentine’s Day or whatever.

So here’s an idea. Why not try saying or even writing it in different languages? Your loved one will be made even more special if they know that you went out and did a little bit of extra effort to let them know how much you love them. Below are ten different languages in which you can say those ever popular words. Learn one or learn them all.

Saying it in French is a number one choice since it is said that French is the language of love. So if you want to tell that special person you love that you love them in French here is how you would pronounce it and write it for them:

Written it would be Je t’aime
Pronounced like Zhuh tem

The J in Je sounds like the g in the word mirage. T’aime (Tem) will rhyme with the word them.

Spanish is very simple to write and to say.

Written it would be Te amo
Pronounced it would be Tay ahm-oh

Using the version Te amo is the more romantic version of Te quiero.

Going with Italian you will notice it’s pretty similar to Spanish.

Written it would be Ti amo
Pronounced it would be Tee-ah-mo.

If you want to go German then you would do the following.

Written it would be Ich liebe Dich
Pronounced it would be Is leeba dish or ick leeba dick

The Germans will pronounce this in different ways depending upon what part of the country they might be from.

If you want to go Swedish you can do so by using the following words.

Written it would be Jag alskar dig
Prounced it would be Ya ellscar dey

Of course then there is Russian.

Written it would be Ya lyublyu tebya
Pronounced it would be Ya loobloo tebya

You might just want to write this one because speaking Russian can be somewhat tricky for those who are native English speakers.

If Chinese is your thing then you would go with what is listed below.

Written it would be Wo ai ni
Pronounced it would be Wuh eye nee

The tones in which you say words in Chinese, especially if it’s Mandarin, are very important. They have four pitched tones and a toneless tone. The different tones will convey different means. Wo or wuh would have a tone that falls and then rises. The Ai or eye will have a tone that falls and the ni or nee has a tone that falls and then again rises.

Going for some old charming language and taking Irish Gaelic would do the trick.

Written it would be Ta gra agam ort
Pronounced it would be Taw graw o-gum urt.

The taw and graw will rhyme with law and the o in o-gum is actually short for not and the urt rhymes with hurt when spoken.

Then there is Greek that you can go with.

Written it would be S’ ayapo
Pronounced it would be Sag-app-oh

And then of course if you happen to be a big fan of Lord of the Rings, you might want to go ahead and include the fantasy language of the elves.

Written the Elvish words would be Melin le
You would pronounce your evlish words like MEL-in leh.

So, there you have it, ten different ways in which you can tell someone that you love them!