Watch making and watch repair is not a skill that everyone is right for or born to do. It is actually something that only a few people have mastered and participate in. However, it can be a very profitable venture if you have repair skills and the knowledge and seriously want to set up your own watch shop that does repairs.

Probably the first and foremost important thing when it comes to setting up your own watch shop is if you love watches but don’t know how to repair them, learn how to do so. There are a variety of different ways in which you can learn to repair and master the skill of watch repair. Probably the best way is to gain the knowledge through experience and osmosis. You should find a good watchmaker who has mastered this art and see if you can become their apprentice. Another way is to get a job as a a clock and watch repair shop and learn the repair skills on the job. However, you need to understand this kind of work takes a lot of dedication as well as patience in order to become really good at it. You can also supplement your education by taking repair courses and going to different seminars. Also consider buying a how to book on watch repair.

Once you have gained the skills you need to open up your own watch shop for repairs you will need to make sure that you have all the right tools. The basic tool box for watch repair should include items such as several different screwdrivers, oils, lighting, different sized tweezers and a magnification tool. Then once you start your business and it starts growing you might want to then add such things as a polisher, cleaning machine and a caliper.

When considering such a venture as watch repair you need to understand that learning how to repair watches of all kinds can be a lifelong obligation. You have to knowledgeable of all the different models there are and knowledgeable of the different watches from different time periods and all the different technologies that control the older watches to the newest. Because of all the knowledge that is needed to repair watches, often the prices for watch repair is quite high. However, when you are first starting out it might be difficult for you to find your own price range to charge so it might be a good idea to check out what prices are being charged by others who offer repair services for watches. Compare several different ones in order for you to determine your own price range.

Once you feel fully ready to open up your own watch shop you will need to get a license to operate your business and file for a registration name for the business. Then you will need to find a good location, one that is visible. Check out malls, busy streets or spaces that are near big establishments. Often by picking the right place will make or break your business.

Finally you will need to get the word out about your new business. So make sure you have plenty of business cards ready to hand out to everyone you meet, advertise online, in the newspapers, hand out fliers and last but not least, once you are ready to open organize a fun grand opening day to get the attention of potential customers.