Do you find yourself being curious about what is going on in different parts of your country or maybe different parts of the world? Maybe you want to know more than just the stuff you see on the eight o’clock news. Maybe you are interested in somewhere specific and want news that doesn’t make it to the world press, but still is very current for the locals. Streaming TV to your PC is a great way to stay up to date with events all over the world or maybe of events in your hometown while you are away.

Or maybe there is just an evening in your TV schedule that has absolutely nothing to offer on your regular channels.

WWITV is a streaming website which provides live TV footage from all over the world on all kinds of topics like business, news, weather, sports, government issues and so on. Next to these services, they have a very easy-to-use navigating system to find the programs you are interested in watching. The best way to enjoy these services is if you have a broadband connection.

To get started, you have to click on the country you are interested in and follow the scroll-down menu. Then the local news channels will display their web streams. It may occur that there is no live stream at that particular time, but when you click on the link, you will end up at the website of the channel where you can select videos made of the stories that are current. If you choose to click on a link for a live stream, the live stream will be brought up using Window Media Player and bring the website into your internet browser by default.

Live stream and current news or weather reports are just a part of a service which next to the mentioned categories also contains programs in the line of classic movies, comedy, adventure, drama series, sci-fi, adventure and so on. Of course the series and the movies etc. are not available on demand. There are other ways to do that. When watching live stream TV, you have to watch whatever is on currently, just like you are watching regular TV, only the options are extended to worldwide.

Not only is this a great way to watch TV and follow the local news while you are away on a business trip or a well-deserved vacation, it also takes care of the remote control problem at home. We all know the arguments that can come up when different members of the family wish to watch different shows on the television. That is history, because you can still watch your favorite programs on your computer while the rest of the family carries on about the remote control.