Being involved in sports is a wonderful way to stay in shape and to have a lot of fun with others who enjoy the same thing that you are doing. But, it is also very important that you take care of yourself as well, especially against injuries. So, if you have weak joints or muscles, it’s a good idea to use braces or taping up these weaker areas. If you happen to have weak wrists, here are a few tips on how to tape up your weak wrists.

You definitely need to know where your weak spots are. This is important if you want to be able to effectively tape up your wrists when playing the sport you love to play. So, you need to be able to understand your problem in order to avoid injury to the area. Before you start any sport like tennis, football or basketball, all of which could cause wrist injury, talk to your doctor about your issues so the doctor can explain to you the benefits of taping up your wrists.

You should get yourself some good quality sports tape. The less expensive tape might seem like a bargain but the cheaper products are going to wear down a lot faster and will need to be replaced a lot more often and it won’t give your wrists the support they need. The cheaper tape can also be abrasive to your skin and cause irritation to the skin.

When you start taping, make sure to tape in just one direction. Start by putting the tape above your wrist and then wrap it in a consistent down motion. If you wrap in one direction and then try overlapping in the opposite direction really isn’t going to give you any more support it’s actually going to end up restricting the motion of your wrist instead.

Make sure to apply the tape evenly and wrap the tape about the same thickness over the wrist, above the wrist and below the wrist. If you are not sure how thick you should apply it, you might want to call your doctor and ask.

You need to make sure that after your wrist is taped up that it can still move. The tape should only be on your wrist to support it and not keep it from moving completely. You do this, you could end up causing strain to other parts of your arm.

Make sure to always exercise with some caution and keep your exercising regimen at a moderate level and try to avoid any activities that will add excess strain on your wrists and other weak joints in your body.