Whether you have a degree in Slavic languages or just happen to speak Polish, teaching or tutoring it to individuals could be a great way for you to make some money and to help you keep your Polish language skills polished. Polish is a language that still uses the Latin alphabet and it also shares some of it’s grammar and vocabulary with Latin. To teach someone the language you will need to combine both oral and audio components to help them grasp the intricacies of this language.

When looking for students you will need to set up a diagnostic test to see where a student might be when it comes to speaking the Polish language. There might be some students that have some knowledge of the language or other Slavic languages and there will be some that have no knowledge whatsoever. A diagnostic test will help you create the proper lesson plan.

Once you have done this you will need to make your lesson plan. You need to make sure to tailor each of your lesson plans to each student’s needs. You need to set realistic goals for study and then make your lesson plan accordingly. Make a syllabus and then explain it in detail to your student or students.

Make sure to teach an introductory lesson. This is especially important for those who have absolutely no basic knowledge of the Polish language. You will need to teach your student or students different Polish words for different greetings and the more common words used in social situations. You might want to include slang words and exclamations to help immerse your student into the culture.

In your introduction lesson don’t try and discuss any kind of grammar. This lesson is only to pique the interest of your student and not to teach them a lot all at once.

You should also supplement your grammar exercise with some oral exercises along with some language CDS. It’s pretty hard to become fluent in any new language just through reading and writing alone. After you think your student or students are starting to get a pretty good grasp on the language then you might want to switch over to talking more in Polish.

Try to have weekly conversations with your students in Polish or ask the students to create some sort of presentation about their family, career, things they like and have them do the entire presentation in Polish.

Encourage your students to study the language outside of class time by listening to language CDs on their own in their spare time. The CDs will expose them more to the tones and the pronunciation of someone who speaks Polish fluently.

After exams as a reward and for even more learning have movies in Polish available and show them parts of it. It’s even good if there are English subtitles because this will help them listen to the language while it’s being quickly translated for them at the same time.

You need to include the culture of the Polish people as part of your teaching as well. If a student has a better understanding of the culture it’s going to give them a better understanding of the basic words, different dialects and the grammatical structure of the language.

Make sure to keep a notebook on hand to record all of your students homework assignments, exams and grades. Make sure to give your students an evaluation halfway through your course and then after the course is over. You can use the notebook also to keep track of the problem areas of your students.