There are times that come up in the world of sports where you may have to come up with some sort of motivational speech. This is often quite true when it comes to being a coach or a manager of an organized speech at any level of sports. Motivational speeches are used to help the team become enthused for the game and to encourage players. Writing this kind of a speech can be a challenge so here are a few pointers to try and make it somewhat easier.

You first need to figure out what kind of message you are trying to deliver to the team involved. Is it because you want them to play together better as a team or do you want to express the importance of unity and sacrifice that it takes to become a winning team? You will need to decide on what you want to say before you plan the speech. You need to make sure that your speech is going to speak to the areas that are of importance and try to avoid making too many points in your speech. Just make sure that you have one key message that you are trying convey. Your team is not going to respond too well if they think you are lecturing them.

Try to figure out what kind of thing motivates your team the best. As their coach you should already have some idea of what your team responds best to. If your team often needs tongue lashings to get them motivated then this might be your approach. However, they might be a team that responds better to more sensitive criticism and a more gentle approach might be needed.

You should include stories and special examples that will help motivate them. Some players will often respond better to a story rather than some long boring speech. They often get distracted with a long rambling speech, so if your team is like that they may better benefit from a well timed story that they can relate to.

You need to be able to time the delivery of your speech too so that you can maximize it’s effect. Sometimes coaches will give short speeches right before a game to help inspire their team. But you need to decide when the best time would be to give a speech and when it might be the most effective. It could be during practice or at halftime during a game.

The speech needs to be as brief as possible and really needs to come from the heart. The best speakers will invoke emotions in their players and these emotions will help them perform a lot better out on the field. In order to invoke emotions you need to speak with emotion and with sincerity from your heart. You need to believe in what you are saying in order to convince your team.