Breathing new life in a relationship that is over may seem to be a task that is next to impossible. But you can have your way around this, if you are careful from the beginning. A break up can occur due to so many reasons, every relationship is like an individual, and each one is unique. You are the best judge of what went wrong in your case. When you know that a break up is inevitable, then contrary to what you feel, sometimes its better to let go. Spending sometime away from each other might actually help the situation. Instead if you create a scene, act clingy, it will make things go worse.

So after you have decided to part your ways, how do you ensure that a flame of hope is lighted? Well firstly, break up on an amicable note, because then it will be easier to stay in touch. Also immediately after the break up, stop bombarding him with calls, texts and emails. This makes you come across as a desperate creature and can be a major turn-off for your ex. Instead go and find a new hobby, re-connect with old pals, bring home a pet, in short, do anything that helps you stay happy!

Call up your ex once in a while, and avoid being pushy or talking about what happened in the past. You have to show your ex that you are ready to put the past behind you and make a new beginning. Show that you care, in little ways like wishing on your ex’s birthday, being supportive when the need arises, to sum it up, work really hard to be a good friend, it is the only logical first step to getting back together.

Some people follow a rather gimmicky style of trying to win back their ex by playing the jealousy card. They just mindlessly hook up with random people and friends hoping that their ex will feel jealous and come running back to them. This may work sometimes, if the thing is done in a subtle way, but there remains a huge risk of the plan backfiring. What if this actually discourages your ex from even approaching you? What if your ex feels that you are no longer interested and you are looking for greener pastures? That is really the last thing you want to do!

So instead of taking any drastic step, just work your way back into your ex’s heart as a friend who cares, and then take it to the next level. Being more a more socially active person, a more confident person can certainly come to your aid. Lastly, handle the entire thing with patience, after all it takes time to heal wounds and start afresh!