If you are considering learning some new languages and are looking for something that is out of the ordinary you might want to think about learning the ancient Hebrew language. This language used n the Bible and other ancient texts really is not as hard to learn as one might think it would be. This is especially true if you use a Hebrew/English book with the text in it. You will need to understand that there are 22 different letters in the Hebrew alphabet and not 26 like in English and they are written from right to left and not left to right. The grammar is a little bit different as well, but if you can get past those obstacles you should be able to teach yourself a fair amount of this ancient language.

The first thing you will need to do is to learn the alphabet of the Hebrew language. With the 22 letters there are 5 that are written differently and will appear at the end of a word and those are mem, nun, tsade, peh and khaf. This is actually a lot easier than our 26 letters of the English alphabet which also include upper and lower forms of each letter.

You will also need to learn the Hebrew system of vowels that are called nekudot. These are dots, dashes and other symbols that will be written around the different consonants in order to indicate how the words should be pronounced. The Bible and other ancient texts will generally include these helpful nekudot.

Next you are going to need to learn all of the basic suffixes, prefixes and the infixes that can change the meaning of the 3 letter root which is called a shoresh. For instance, the letter bet at the start of a shoresh will mean in or with as with the first word in Genesis 1:1, bereshit, which when translated means in the beginning.

In order to better understand the language you should try practicing reading the language outloud and then identify the shoresh of Biblical words in a Hebrew/English version of the Bible. This is going to take a lot of practice in order for you to be able to recognize the shoresh. However, if you use the aid of a Hebrew/English dictionary you will be able to develop the ability to do this.

There are also some places that you can go online in order to find aids in which you can make it easier on yourself when learning this ancient language a few of those sites are listed below:

Ancient Hebrew Research Center

Tora Tots Nekudot

Genesis Chapter 1

You might also want to consider contacting someone at a Jewish Synagogue. You might find someone there that might be willing to help you learn the ancient language or perhaps direct you to someone else who might be able to help.