If you love to dance and dance well and you love children dancing, why not take that love and talent and share it with children who love to dance? Starting up your own dance classes really isn’t all that hard to do, especially if you can gain access to a dance studio or a community center open and willing to have children dancing.

If you are really serious about children dancing and helping them develop then you might want to first contact different dance studios and dance teachers in your local area and inform them of your plans to start teaching some classes for kids, this is especially true if you live in a smaller town. By networking with people in the same field you can build a client base easier and will often get the support that you need. Something important to remember is to make sure that you make it very clear that you are not going to be competing with them but that you are potentially trying to offer different class options for kids in the area. You may want to consider offering them a referral system that you all can use to help each other.

Next you are going to want to find a good location for your classes. You may even be lucky enough to convince a dance studio already in existence to let you teach children dancing classes in their studio, especially if what you offer fills a need of their own studio. There are some studios that are also very willing to rent out space for teachers offering independent classes. You might also consider contacting the local gym, a recreation center, community center or even a community college.

You will also need to advertise your classes. After all, you are going to need students so you can teach children dancing. If you happen to be renting a space in an existing dance studio, make sure that they include your classes in their brochure. If you are teaching classes in a gym or a community center you will want to hang up fliers around the lobby and also make sure that your classes are listed on their monthly calendars. You could also put an ad in your local newspaper or online with a classified ads website that covers your area.

Finally offer incentives that will draw kids and their parents to your dance classes. For instance one good way is to offer a trial class for free so the kids and parents both can see if this is what they are looking for. This incentive can be very beneficial for those parents who might be nervous about signing their kids up a dance class they may not even like. You might also offer things like two classes for the price of one or offer a class card where they attend nine classes and then they get the 10th class for free. Be creative with your incentive ideas and also consider the needs of the local area and what you think might bring them in.