So, you’ve been following your favorite sports team and reading all about them every time you get a chance, you probably think you know more about them than the next guy sitting next to you. If you can rattle of stats like it’s nothing, you might want to be able to take that knowledge and do something with it. What would that be? Well how about trying to make some money off your knowledge of sports trivia? You can, according to the website ForeverGeek, make some money by playing different sports trivia games online. You might even be able to make some money as a sports trivia writer as well.

Making money online by playing sports trivia games that offer cash prizes is a good way to start. Some reputable sites that offer trivia games would be Big Bucks Trivia and TriviaBucks. Keep an eye open for some cash sports trivia tournaments at local bars and restaurants as well. You might also want to approach some of the local bars or sports bars and offer to start some sports trivia tournaments if you can’t find any where you live.

You should research also to see if you can get paid for writing sports trivia questions. Go and review listings at different freelance writing websites. Look for different sports trivia websites and then get a hold of them direction and offer them your services. Make sure to give them some well written examples of your own sports trivia questions.

You could also consider trying to start up your own sports trivia website. Make a website that has your own sports trivia questions in some sort of game format. You can then monetize your site by selling some advertising space or by promoting different products related to sports that will pay sales commissions. You can also increase your sports trivia website by offering your users the option to pay for a subscription that will offer them some enhanced games and other kinds of sports trivia entertainment.

If you have the talent, create and market your own trivia app for phones or even trivia video game. You can subcontract all of the technical details out to a programmer if you don’t know how to program. Then you can try and sell your app or game online and try and get some distribution contracts going with sites that might be interested in your game.

Final Notes: Try to make different sports trivia games that will cater to both adults and children. This will be a good way to get a larger interest in what you have to offer. You also might want to try and specialize in areas that seem to be overlooked when it comes to sports trivia.