The Kelley Blue Book site has confirmation on the general assumption that where a person lives in the United States plays a huge role in the car brands that people buy. A very recent study conducted by KBB looked at four different regions located in the U.S., the Northeast, South, Midwest and the West. They wanted to find out which car brands the local populations liked most. They analyzed the different habits of shopping of over 10 million drivers and they concluded that certain brands were preferred more in certain regions as compared to other regions. Here is what they discovered.

In the Northeast part of the country it appeared that Subaru was chosen often in this part of the country. Because of their great all wheel drive systems it makes sense this would be one of the more popular car brands in this area because of all the snow and slush found in the New England area.

Models most popular were the Outback, Impreza and Forester. These cars ranked the most reliable and safest vehicles one can buy. For those who also like speed, the Impreza WRX often is purchased because of it’s boasts of 265 hp and its great handling ability.

Another top car brand in the Northeast is the Volvo. This brand is composed of luxury cars, SUV’s and wagons and are also great for driving in harsh winter weather you see in this region. They can be purchased with or without all wheel configurations. Even though they may not be the most exciting cars to drive they are extremely reliable and one of the safest in the car market.

In the South region, one of the more popular car brands was the Nissan and it’s Infiniti, which is Nissan’s luxury model. One of the reasons KBB thinks that this is one of the more popular brands in the South is that their major North American plant is located in Tennessee and they could be buying out of loyalty and company discounts. The two other most popular car brands that Nissan competes with in the South would be BMW and Mercedes-Benz because of their luxury sedans.

The other very popular brand in the South would be fall under the Chrysler umbrella of vehicles. The Dodge Ram being the most popular of trucks. Also in this grouping of vehicles you will find the Chevy Silverado and the Ford F-Series of trucks being hugely popular in the South. In the South they look for trucks that are versatile and can serve as both heavy duty everyday work or commuter trucks with big engines and good towing capacities.

In the Midwest they found that Chrysler was the most popular brand that people in the Midwest chose to purchase and drive. There are a lot of people in the Midwest with hometown pride and prefer to only by American made vehicles and the Chrysler 300 is one of the most popular of the models. There aren’t very many cars in their line anymore but they do have the popular 300 and Town & Country being the two better options in their class of vehicle.

Buick is another popular car brand in the Midwest and it is again that hometown pride idea that gets them to buy a Buick. Car shoppers in this area lean towards this Detroit based GM car than other regions of the country. It has a solid line of cars such as the Regal, LaCrosse and Encore being the most popular. Even though this is a local favorite they aren’t paid as much attention in other regions.

In the West one of the most popular car brands would be the Tesla, one reason is that it has high fuel efficiency and they also make electric cars and West Coast people tend to have more of an affinity to these kinds of cars than other regions. Tesla’s electric cars are totally electric with no requirements for any kind of fossil fuels making it a top brand in the West.
Toyota is another popular brand in the West with the Scion, a branch of Toyota. This one appeals to people who are looking for some quirkiness and individuality when it comes to their car. These cars often come with some different types of designs both on the outside and on the inside. They are also very fuel efficient. Some popular models of Scion is the tC which is a sport coupe and the FR-S which is a rear wheel drive sports car.