If you are just starting off collecting sports cards or have been doing it for awhile but haven’t gotten around to organizing them, it might seem like a pretty daunting task, one you might be putting off. But if you want to be able to know what you have and be able to keep track of their value better, you really need to know how to organize your collection.

One thing you can do is to go online and get some software that can help. There are several sites out there like Sports Card Organizer for one that sells software that is specifically for keeping track of your collection.

You will need to organize your card collection by the brand name and the number before you start putting them away in any protective sleeves. If you have multiple years of the same brand name you should place them in chronological order as well. Your base cards should also be organized from the lower numbers to the highest of numbers.

Take any insert cards and other very special cards by certain companies at the very end of each corresponding year. For instance, if you happen to have a 1993 baseball card series and have all the base cards in order you should follow them up with any major rookie or MVP cards.

You will need to leave plenty of empty spaces in your plastic sheets. You do this to represent any missing cards that you are looking for in your collection. The empty slots will help you remember what cards that you are looking for when buying more cards. It also will help to keep from having to do a needless and tiresome reorganization of all of your cards later on down the road.

You should make sure to keep track of all the cards in your collection as you place them in the sheets. This record needs to include the brand name, the year, it’s card number and the condition the card was in the minute you added it to your collection. This is what the card collecting software can be used for. However, if you want to save money, you can simply create your own collection sheets by using a spreadsheet. You should make sure that each time you update your records to print out a copy and always place it with your card collection.

If you collect more than one sport then it’s important that you also separate your cards by the different sports, brands and years. If your collection is small, it’s OK to put all the sports together in one binder but as the collection grows you are more than likely going to want to put the different sports in their own binders.