If you are thinking of getting your child a mobile phone you really need to take a lot of things into consideration. This is especially true if your child is younger and not even a teen yet. In today’s world a lot of parents probably feel that it’s the best thing to do since it will allow the child to be able to contact them from anywhere for just about anything. But, this also can be a problem because it means they can pretty much contact anyone other than you. So before you get them a phone make sure you do your research.

You should get in touch with your current provider and ask them about the different options that they have available. You may discover that your provider might have special offers just for younger children and there might be a variety of different ways to restrict certain kinds of access. They might even be able to restrict your child’s calling to anyone outside of the numbers you allow them to call.

You need to look for a phone that is going to fit the age and the size of your child. There are some phones that are a lot smaller and far more compact that make them a lot better for smaller hands. There are also some phones that have just a few buttons that will allow for only pre-programmed numbers that they can call. On the other hand, older children can of course handle larger phones.

You can also limit the features of the cell phone. There are phones of course that come with cameras as well as Internet access. These might be the kinds of features that might get a child into trouble so you might want to go for a phone that is more basic that will allow them only to make and receive phone calls and nothing else.

You also want to look for safety features on the phone as well. There are some phones that will include GPS devices and these can be activated when you can’t find your child when they might not be answering their phone and you think they might be missing.

You should also make sure that you compare all of the different mobile phone plans. If your child is older you may want a regular cell and them add them onto a family plan that you might already have available through your provider. For the younger child you just might want to get a prepaid cell phone, one that you can periodically add minutes to when the child needs them.

Whatever you decide to do, it really is important that what you give your child suits their needs and the age and maturity of the child. Even some teens can’t be trusted to handle a full on cell phone and it’s many different features.