There are so many ladies watches out there that it can be pretty complicated picking out just the right watch. In today’s market there is more than just finding a reliable watch maker. There are so many different features now that also need to be considered and all of this can factor into what decision one makes. It is important that you learn to identify and to select from these features in order to know which watch is going to be your best investment.

When it comes to ladies watches or any watch for that matter you want to pick one that has quality timekeeping movement. The most popular would be quartz and mechanical. Both of these timekeeping methods are very trusted. If you are leaning toward the mechanical movement watches then expect to pay quite a bit more than quartz movement. The reason is that they have much smoother timekeeping and they are more long lasting. However, both types of movement indicate a quality watch. If the watch is intended to be a long term investment you want to go with mechanical if it’s more for fashion go with quartz.

It is important to look carefully at the materials the watch casing is made out of. The more obvious high quality construction of course would be ladies watches made from gold, silver and platinum, however, don’t overlook stainless steel or even the plastic or resin casings. Even these can be of high quality. If you are looking for a watch meant for lifelong wear then you will want to go with a fine metal but, if it is for fashion or sport then you can choose one of the more durable materials like resin or plastic and still get a quality watch.

Make sure that you know what the crystal composition is of the watch face. In lower quality ladies watches the face of the watch may be made of plastic instead of a crystal or glassy cover. The ones made from plastic will scratch and damage a lot easier than crystal or glass coverings. Those with the better face coverings are going to be a lot more expensive but overall the watch will be of much higher quality.

If you are considering to have the watch for a long time then you might want to pick a bracelet type of watch and also consider choosing precious metals for the band along with stones such as diamonds. This will increase the value and quality and makes for a good investment. For something you don’t think you will have for a long time then make sure the watch is more simple, even if you want stones in it, make sure they are less expensive stones.

Finally, make sure that you read about all the features of any watch you may be interested in. A good quality watch is going to list all of its specs which would include whether it is water and weather resistant along with other features like having a chronograph or a chronometer, the exchange policy, company guarantees and the how to maintain the watch.