A lot of kids really enjoy getting involved with the school science fair. Science fairs are a great way to learn and be creative at the same time. There are a variety of different things that can be done for projects and one of those can be space technology, this is a great category to add to your science fair to make it more interesting and fun to participate. Here are a few ideas you can include in your science fair.

One thing you can do is to show the different methods there might be for collecting stardust. Astronomers of today go and collect stardust by making satellites that have large panels that will catch any floating particles that might pass it by out in space. Students can test if the proximity of a satellite to a planet is going to affect the quantity of stardust that it will collect. To do this you will need to tie three different lengths of string to three pieces of cardboard that are covered in petroleum jelly. Then you can take these strings and hang them from a hanger so the the three are all at different heights. Next you will need to fill a box with some ashes, preferably from a fireplace and hold the satellites over this box. You then can throw a rock into the box of ashes and then see which off the cardboard panels caught most of the ash or “stardust”.

Another project for a science fair would be to collect and measure micrometeorites from outside. These are very tiny pieces of metal and metallic dust that actually orbit the earth just like satellites before the fall to earth. So, to do this you will need a large plastic tablecloth for outside and put it on the grass for several days.

The next thing to do is to fold the cloth and tilt it so all the stuff that has fallen on it collects in just one area of the cloth. Next take a strong magnet and collect all of the metallic fragments and then take these fragments and look at them under a microscope to examine. To make it a little be more of a complex project take several different tablecloths and put them all in different places to see how different the things are in different areas that the tablecloth collects.

Make a variety of different model satellites. People will be amazed at how different all the satellites look. You should do some intensive study on the different satellites that NASA alone uses by going to their website. Then you can go to their site and get a variety of instructions on how to build models of their satellites. When you make the satellites make sure that you include the different reasons why NASA uses certain satellites.