Most people know that stock market investing can be very complicated. Getting into the field of stock market investing can be a very intense and complicated field to get into. Becoming a very successful trader will often take many years to perfect. However, for those who have the desire seem to overlook the different challenges and there are many who will invest in the market and become very good traders. If you are considering doing something like this, you need to know that your chances for success will be greater if you take some time to learn some basics of investing. You will find that there are some free educational tools out there to help streamline your learning curve and can really benefit you and your desire to become a trader. Just remember though, as helpful as these tools might be, there still is nothing better than the experience you will gain over the years of practice. But these are great for the novice trader.

A really good place to go to online is called ChartSchool. This is an advanced online resource to learn how to do stock market charting. They have some very complex tools that will analyze stock charts. This is great for someone already has some stock experience, but, for the novice chart reading could be very difficult. That is why there is the ChartSchool. This is an educational tool that will walk them through the different methods of technical analysis. They will dive into all the different popular techniques that are used for analyzing stock charts. They discuss moving averages and the technical indicators. They also cover support and resistance and novel methods to use like Japanese candlestick charting and some other systems will be laid out before the novice to pick up quickly. If you don’t have any knowledge of any kind of technical analysis then this will be a very valuable site for you to be able to obtain information on stock market charts.

You might want to check out the Virtual Stock Exchange. This is offered to you by the Wall Street Journal Digital Network. This is a tool that will let you experience the ups and downs of the actual stock market without having to invest any of your real money. This is a free service that you can sign up for and you will then be issued an account that is very similar to one you might get with an online brokerage service. Instead of being funded with real capital it’s funded with virtual capital. You can buy and sell stocks and you can see how your portfolio will react to the different choices that you make. Of course there is no substitute for the real deal but this educational tool will help you get the idea of what it’s like without any risk of losing your own money during the learning process.

One other great tool would be the Options Industry Council or OIC. This is a comprehensive online resource that will teach you all about stock options, which is a very popular form of stock market investing. The options are flexible trading vehicles that will trade on the open market just like a stock but they have different advantages. With options you are allowed to profit from a stock’s actual decline and they also offer kind of an insurance to protect your existing portfolio. They also provide in depth classes online for individuals who want to study at their own pace. You can also access webcasts and virtual trading with virtual accounts that will also help increase your stock options knowledge.