If you are considering doing some stock market investing it can be a scary thing, this is especially true for those who are just beginning as well as for seasoned veterans during economic trouble. No matter who you are and what the economy is like, investing is stocks is always going to be a gamble. However, if you follow a few tips it can become a very good way in which to make some long term investments that might pay off big in the future. If you know the kind of stocks to buy, when to sell them and a little bit about tax issues you could get yourself on the right track to a more promising financial future.

Of course, there is not going to be any foolproof way that you can pick stocks. But there are some tips you can follow that might help your portfolio overall. The most important thing that you can do is to make sure that you do some research on the stock yourself instead of talking to someone else and taking them at their word. Sometimes even very knowledgeable people will make mistakes in the stock market.

There are some that think that the lower the price on the stock the more money they are going to make in the end. This can be true sometimes, but generally buying penny stocks is a highly risky business even if you aren’t putting in a huge investment. The normal rule of thumb is don’t go crazy investing in those penny stocks unless you truly believe in the company that offering them.

Each person in the stock market has their own investment strategy, but you really shouldn’t switch your own strategies constantly if you see others doing better than you. You should try and stick with a strategy that you personally believe is going to work for you.

If you don’t happen to know the name of a company does not mean that it’s bad stock. There are small cap stocks, which are stocks with a lower market capitalization that sometimes tend to have slightly better returns than those that are considered large cap stocks.

Probably the trickiest part of trading is selling and knowing when to do so and when to hold onto your stocks. If a stock has appreciated a lot since you bought it doesn’t always mean that you should quite while you are ahead and sell the thing. If you seriously think that this company has more growth potential then you should keep the stock. Then if there is a small dip in the price this isn’t anything to be alarmed about either. If you are a long term investor then you need to look at the overall big picture and the overall quality of your stocks. You also need to consider the different things that might have caused the stock to go down.

Now, if your stock looks to be continuing to decline in it’s value then you may have a serious problem and this might be a true sign that you need to sell it. If you try and let a stock that keeps going down ride out you could end up losing most of if not all of your investment.

Even though getting tax breaks is usually not the goal of anyone investing, there are some perks when it comes to capital gains. This is when you earn money off a stock you sell if you make more than you bought it for. This kind of money is taxed at a much lower rate than your regular income. But there is a stipulation. If you sell the stock before the first year is up then you will be taxed normally on it. So it’s best to be in it for the long term if you want to be taxed less.