Maxi dresses are a great trend in dresses that can flatter all women who wear them and they can be worn for any occasion and can be found in just about any store and for just about any shaped woman. They can be perfect for the bohemian look, the versatile look and even an elegant look. They can be worn just about anywhere, to the park, at the beach, a cocktail party, a wedding, a concert, just about anywhere, making them one of the most popular styles of dresses around.

For all women who may be fashion addicts and no matter what body shape, maxi dresses are a must have for every closet. They can be plain or have liberty prints, be ruffled or ethnic, it doesn’t matter, just about anything goes with maxi dresses.

With prints you will find that almost everyone will have at least one printed maxi dress in their closet for the summer. It can be floral, graphic or even animal prints and they come in printed materials like a soft breezy silk or refreshing cotton materials.

There are also poncho maxi dresses and these are really great for summer wear. They are extremely comfortable and offer you originality for any look you are going after and they are versatile enough to be worn for any event or occasion and they tend to flatter any body shape.

If you are petite then the best way to wear a maxi dress is to choose a style that sits close to your body and make sure to avoid larger ones. You should also make sure that the maxi dress you choose is one that the hemline ends just above your ankles and this way you can wear it with flats or high heels. By wearing a style that fits close to body is that it will give the illusion of lengthening your body. Ones that are too big will only make you look even shorter. Stay away from horizontal stripes as well as big patterns.

Maxi dresses are especially good for those who have curvy shaped bodies. You can find a variety of them that will emphasize your best qualities. If your figure is also hourglass then pick a style that emphasizes this or just add a belt instead. If you choose plain colors, you will find that they will make you look taller and slimmer. You should stay away from the larger prints however.

If you happen to be tall and thin then try to avoid the ones that lie close to your body and are plain in color because this will make you look thinner and taller. Go for maxi dresses with large prints and bright color combinations and made from soft breezy fabrics. You can also get a style that is tight fitting at the waist.

If you are big chested you will want to choose a maxi dress that is breezy at the lower part of the dress to compensate for the larger bust line and create more balance to your shape. Stay away from deep neck openings and instead pick neck openings that end right above the chest or one with a V-neck opening with straight straps. Avoid any large prints in the chest area.