The minecraft zombie or zombies are humanoid mobs that will occupy about the same amount of space as the players in the game. Similar to most Overworld mobs, the minecraft zombie can only spawn in that have low light conditions, like outside at night, underground and in deeply shaded areas. Even though a minecraft zombie can hit harder and has more health point than a skeleton in the game they are a lot slower than a skeleton and you can easily outmaneuver them. These zombies can only hit players and other mobs when they are within melee range.

A minecraft zombie will have black eye textures in order to represent empty looking eye sockets and they always wear teal shirts and blue pants, however, they can’t drop these items on death. The body of a minecraft zombie is made up of different shades of green and their head and hands are a lot darker looking than their face and arms. When they are not chasing the players of the game they will spend their time attacking villager mobs or just wander around aimlessly looking for prey.

The minecraft zombie tends to make a lot of noise compared to other mobs, so a player is often alerted to them being there before the zombie even reaches them. They tend to moan a lot when they walk near a player, but still not close enough to detect the players location. They will pursue players however, as soon as they get within 16 blocks of them and they will engage any villager in the same way. They will make snarling and growling noise when they are chasing their enemies. They are never alone, they at least appear in pairs, but they can attack with as many as six at a time.

These zombies won’t try to evade a players attacks whether the player is shooting arrows, using a gun, swinging a sword or using any other kind of weapon. They can also damage a player through some of the solid surfaces in the game and that includes doors. They will try to break down doors and this creates a loud banging noise when the door is between the zombie and the player. If the game is set to hard or hardcore they will be able to destroy doors.

When it’s daytime, the Overworld is a hard place for any minecraft zombie. They are only able to survive in the sunlight by staying in shaded areas. They also can take shelter by floating in the ocean or a lake and they won’t get any sun damage unless they get out of the water. Also bad weather like rain or thunder storms can also block just enough of the sunlight to save them from dying.

A player has several different options when it comes to fighting or avoiding any zombie mobs. By sleeping at the end of each day is going to limit the number of zombies that a player will have to face on the surface. Staying underground and in structural areas that are well lit will stop them from spawning indoors. Also, players can make traps that involve cacti, fire, water or any other agent that can cause them damage. In the hard or hardcore modes it is highly recommended that a player only use iron doors for protection because none of the zombies can break down an iron door.

Some interesting facts to note about the minecraft zombie:

  • The zombies in the game are the same height and width as all players, so if a player wanted to, they could use the zombie texture as their own avatar.
  • The zombies in the game are healed when they are hit with a harm splash potion, however, they take damage when they are hit with a healing potion.
  • Players in the game can watch zombies attack villagers in swarms at different intervals during the night or the daytime.
  • The zombies in this game can prioritize player enemies over their mob enemies in most cases in this game and this means even when they are being damaged by several different sources.