Space technology and aerospace engineering focus on the conceptualization and construction of air and spacecrafts. If a person gets a degree in this type of subject will prepare them for a possible exciting career in space technology or aerospace engineering. The job outlook for this type of work is still pretty good and it is predicted that the need and interest will continue to grow by about 10% through the year 2018. There are several very good and prominent universities that offer degrees in this field that you might want to check into.

The first one would be Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. They have two campuses, one is located in Arizona and the other one is located in Florida. They are a widely recognized as one of the top tier colleges for studying space technology and aerospace engineering. They offer Bachelor of Science degrees in these fields. The degree will provide students with a huge foundation in aerospace engineering that covers a variety of career fields or prepare them for graduate school as well.

Another top notch university would be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or otherwise known as MIT. This university has one of the best aerospace engineering programs in the entire United States. In fact they are tied with Cal Tech for the highest rated program. Like Embry-Riddle they have very comprehensive undergraduate programs that offer a huge variety of research fields that include aerospace computational engineering, air breathing propulsion, different aircraft systems engineering, autonomy, communications, networks, air transportation systems, controls, humans in space, materials and structures, space systems and space propulsion.

Cal Tech or California Institute of Technology is regarded in the field of aerospace as one of the best in the country. They offer their students a very unique chance to actually work with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They are also very conveniently found in Southern California which is considered the heart of the space technology corridor. They also offer an intensive one year master’s degree program that is interdisciplinary and has an emphasis on the fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, the materials, the different structures and propulsion systems with a major emphasis on the modern applications for space technology.

Another very good program is offered by Stanford university. Rated right after Cal Tech, their program also is rated one of the best. They are very well known for their interdisciplinary approach to different research and they allow their students to go and branch out in a lot of different directions in order to pursue studies that are directly related to their major plan of study. Their aerospace programs put an emphasis on structural, guidance, control, aerodynamics and different propulsion problems of spacecraft and aircraft.